The FWF project ‘School Quality and Teacher Education’ (SQTE) conducts research with headteachers of successful and highly effective schools in England on their experiences with school quality development. In asking them to identify key levers for the improvement of their schools and to describe how they succeeded in boosting their pupils’ learning outcomes, the research seeks to establish potential learnings for the Austrian setting as regards school development practices, continuing professional development (CPD) for teachers and senior school leadership teams, and wider education policy.

The project focuses particularly on schools in difficult circumstances that attain excellent learning outcomes despite a high proportion of pupils from disadvantaged home backgrounds; specifically, the research looks at schools in deprived areas of London that have improved considerably over the last 15 years in the context of the „London effect“. Funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), the project is based at the Kirchlich Pädagogische Hochschule Vienna/Krems (former: University of Salzburg) and the Univerity of Oxford.