Salzburg – Oxford

Oxford - Salzburg

The project is partially located at the University of Oxford’s Department of Education in the context of a Visiting Research Fellowship, for which the University of Oxford has generously provided an office and additional infrastructure in 2019 and 2020.

Dr Bernhard’s principal collaborators in Oxford are Katharine Burn, Associate Professor in Education, and Pam Sammons, Professor of Education, who specialises in school effectiveness and improvement research.

The project complies with the guidelines issued by the University of Oxford’s Central University Research Ethics Committee (CUREC), which has reviewed and approved it (information on research ethics at the University of Oxford can be found here).

The project’s base is the School of Education, University of Salzburg.

Here, the project’s principal collaborators are Ulrike Greiner, head of the School of Education, and Burkhard Gniewosz, professor of educational sciences. The School of Education hosted an international conference in the context of the project in March 2019 (programme of the conference).

The establishment of a European network for school quality and teacher education (SQTEnet) is part of the SQTE project’s efforts to continue and consolidate the existing collaboration between the School of Education at the University of Salzburg and the University of Oxford.