Master’s Thesis in the SQTE Project

Research-based school improvment
Project assistant Christina Hasenhüttl starts master’s programme in Comparative Education at the University of Oxford

Master’s Thesis in the SQTE Project

In the context of the SQTE project a master’s thesis was submitted at the University of Salzburg

In September 2020, Dominik Harnisch successfully submitted and defended his master’s thesis in the context of the SQTE project. Supervised by Dr. Maria Tulis-Oswald and Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Roland Bernhard, the project’s assistant succeeded in linking the scientific fields of psychology and school development with each other. Proceeding from the Mindset theory, he analysed in his thesis in what way indicators for a growth mindset were expressed in interviews that were conducted in the framework of the project. The thesis was submitted in September 2020 at the Deparment of Psychology (Faculty of Natural Sciences) of the University of Salzburg and was graded as ‘sehr gut’ (A).

Dominik Harnisch says about this:

” I see strong indication for a growth mindset organizational culture being associated with the improvement processes of schools in London and other regions of England. Many headteachers seem to have focused on promoting individual’s responsibility as well as encouraging individual and collective growth. The proclamation and facilitation of ambitious goals for the schools and their students seem to have contributed to all people involved considering those goals important and attainable.” (Dominik Harnisch)

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